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How to get sound on my TV?

I have a big screen RCA TV and the sound is off. Before you even ask the Mute button is off and the volume is up. Yes the TV is on too. I can't get the speakers to go to on setting. Any ideas?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Check the audio cable in the back. Might be loose or unplugged

  • kg7or
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    9 years ago

    Try the TV with different inputs, whatever you have: cable/satellite box, DVD player, game box, antenna. No sound on just one input? You've solved it.

    No sound on any input? Check your setup menu, in the audio sub-menu, for an option to turn off the internal speakers. Many sets have that for using headphones.

    Does the TV have a headphone jack? Check that nothing is plugged into it.

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