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Approximate value of this 1973 mustang mach 1?

1973 Mustang Mach I - 351C, Cooked and cleaned std bore, new rods and main bearings, new rings, crank polished, std size, std pistons, comp cam, 260/488, aluminum 4 bl intake, 735 polished holley carb Rebuilt C4 trans, shift kit, new convertor, 2200 stall New brakes, calipers, rotors, hoses, shoes and wheel cylinders, master cylinder, new suspension, ball joints, springs, control arm (upper), sway bar bushings, spring perches Body: New and installed trunk pan, trunk drop off, front floor pans Needs rear trunk weather strip area replaced, have used, lower quarter on passenger side has small hole, body work started, has new right front fender and NASA hood, needs left front fender finished or replaced, needs rear floor pans, under rear seat on driver's side fixed, needs grill, interior recovered, carpet and headliner Comes with many other parts.

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    New motor and body work needed...a project like this might bring $7500..

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    I agree 100% with what C-Reeds said. When I got my '66 fastback the drivetrain had already been replaced with a fuel injected 302, and a T-5 5speed. In your case, the car is still all original, I would keep it that way. You might want to look at the Mustang Club of America website, and check out how many mods are allowed, and still be considered stock. You can also get a "History 999" report from Ford, if you have the door tag (look just below the latch on the drivers door), and VIN number. This will tell you everything that your car had on it, plus when and where it was built. Do a search for "Ford History 999 report" online and you should be able to find the phone number. What ever you end up doing have fun, and enjoy your car.

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    a paragraph is one thing, pictures are another, w/out actually seeing what state the car is in there's no way I could even begin to accurately guess

    Source(s): owner 1972 Mach 1
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    add the price of all your parts together then divide by 2 and that's your asking price, don't be surprised it sells for half of the half price...

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