Help i want to play online at psn?

hello guys, i want to play games at psn but the problem is that i have been playing games on a jailbroken ps3,actually i had jailbroken it on the day of purchase so i have'nt experiensed psn yet.and i heared that when we connect internet and attemt to access psn it will ask to update to latest firmware and i would not be able to play games from hdd anymore and i am ready for it but after update will i be able to play online games with original blue ray disc games.if not then how should i do to make it working and one thing can i browse internet with jailbroken ps3.

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    9 years ago
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    You won't be able to play the ones on your HDD, but yes you can play the ones on the original blue ray CD's online or offline. You need to make an account with psn though and have a psn ID. Best idea is to get a new ps3 for online playing (one that is not jail broken). Keep them both and you can use both. Sorted! :)

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    You cant play on line as you will need to perform a firmware update and as you've jail broken it, its not going to work. You can still play games offline though.

  • 9 years ago

    get a non-jail broken ps3, you can't jailbreak stuff and expect to get proper service

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