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Dog pees and poops EVERYWHERE!?

I hate this dog! It is my mom's full breed Maltese that she got over after the first month so I am stuck with it, I don't have the heart to get rid of it. It pees and shīts EVERYWHERE. On the couch, blanket, and carpet. She gets walked every other day and gets played with every day. I cant pay attention alll the time! I am overwhelmed with all AP/Hounors and 3 extracurriculars and 4 hours of sleep each night I can't handle this untrainable dog! Its already ruined my bed comforter I got overseas (apon being In my room for 30 MINUTES) and the new carpet. I hate this dog!!! How can I train it I am about to give up and crate it whenever I'm not able to pay attention to it!!!

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    A walk every other day and getting "played with" every day isn't going to housebreak the dog. Not her fault no one trained her. Quit complaining and take action. Take the dog out every few hours to eliminate and praise her when she goes. Crate her when you're unable to supervise. Housebreaking CAN be hard work but it's well worth it in the end. If you're really that busy, rehome her.

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    do this:

    when it pees wipe it with a paper and and while its just wiped take the paper to that place you want the dog to pee and take ur dog there and make him smell it. do this 2-3 times and it will know it has to pee there only.

    as far as poop is concerned take it for a walk or something like that.i dont really know a remedy for pooping in a perticular place.

    but dont leave that dog ever man.

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    yep and will do that until someone trains to go outside

    leash and take out every hour

    \keep on leash in house, watch, take out

    crate when you can't watch, no more than 2 hours

    get up at night and take out every 2 hours

    re home if you don't want it

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    Well it doesn't help to punish him or throw him outside or something when you find the crap. Then she'll have no idea what the heck she did to deserve it. So I suggest you get someone to potty train it.

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