Can a girl be shy enough..?

I met this girl 10 days ago. we are 21. Her and my sister are newly friends and we all hung out almost everyday. She is quiet, and was homeschooled and doesn't have many guy friends.

Well, I dropped off a small rose, her favrorite candy and a card at her door yesterday. In a text she said thanks and talks here and there, but in person, she didn't mention it once, or tell anyone it was from me.

Even talks less and was 'afraid' to stay in her apartment with me while they walked to the store for 15 mins.

In a text, a said I didn't mean to make you uncomfotable. i understand, even though I like you allot, lets not let it get in the way of friends.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Be friendly, pleasant and polite. Show her that you are a kind and caring and sincere person. Talk to her. Talk about school, sports, music, movies, books, hobbies, special interests, friends, family, pets, events that are happening around you or in your town. Ask her questions about herself. Help her if she needs help. Pay attention to her but not in a creepy or obsessive way, listen to what she has to say. Show interest in things that interest her. Smile. Make eye contact. See how it goes.

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