Pregnancy test says negative but my period is 2 weeks late?

i have took to brands of pregnancy tests ( EQ, and DG) and they both said negative but i am two weeks late. Me and my significant other have been trying, we really want our first child. And i bleed one time after sex but just alil, but it wasnt the first time we tried, so could i be pregnant? My breast have been very sore,and at times it hurts to lay on my stomach at night, ive also had like a white substance in my panties,which they say can be dead cells from the vagina when pregnant because its constantly changing for a baby but idk i need helpp :((

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    as we all know, periods come whenever they please. i kinda feel sex can interfere with periods in some cases. i used to go three months w/out a period and i started to wonder if something was wrong with me but ive heard doctors say that everyone is different and some women just have outrageous cycles. I would recommend going to the doctor and telling them what you put on here and have them test for pregnancy and then for fertility. Pregnancy tests can always be wrong and nowadays they are wrong a lot. Also, the doctors may think it could be something else and do further testing.

    hope this helped:)

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