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Lush henna dye befour chemical dye after?

so my hair is black, with fainted red chemical dye. it has grown out about two inches. and i plan to dye my hair light warm brown.

i dont want to use chemicals too much and i don't want the brown to come out uneven coz ive got 2 inches of black hair and the rest fainted red.

so i planned on using Lush caca rouge henna dye first as a base then any loreal light brown dye.

BUT it says on the health and safely DO NOT USE if i used henna dye first i just wanna know why??? what can happen??? ive heard if the henna hair dye is all natural then its fine. but i wanna give it to my mum because shes got short hair and it will grown out and she will cut it off. then she uses chemical dyes after it is all grown out, is that all right??? because shes got grays and it will come out better on her hair. and if the henna grows out can she still use chemical dyes because i just wanna know if the henna has gone into her scalp?

and also MOST IMPORTANT black henna tattoos, ive never got this done. but they said on the loreal packet if ive got this done DO NOT USE IT because the black henna tattoo is basicly mixed with a toxic chemical dye to make the henna black(natural henna dont come in black) and so if you had a black henna tattoo (even if its been years) do not use loreal hair dye because it will cause an allergic reaction. this toxic chemical is called PPD.

so i just wanna know does using caca rouge henna dye befour , let it grow out then use and loreal chemical dye okay????

i think loreal preferece uses ppd. what if my mum uses the caca rouge lets it grow out and cuts it off then uses a chemical dye with ppd ?? is that okay?? coz its just the skin reaction im scared of i dont want anything happening to her. ive heard on the news that this women dyed from using black dye from loreal paris coz its black and has ppd. IM SORRY IM MAKING THIS CONFUSING.

all i want to know is have any of you guys tried this. henna befour chemical after

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    There are two types of henna on the market for hair (most don't know this, even stylists), 100% pure henna and compound henna. The henna the warning label is referring to is known as compound henna, this is henna with adulterants such as chemicals, metallic salts, ppd and ammonia. If chemical dye is used on top of compound henna they can a harmful chemical reaction. Pure henna does not do this because it's completely natural.

    Lush is a safe product to use since they do not use compound henna, and only add natural ingredients and extracts.

    If you received black henna before, I would highly recommend doing a patch test first to make sure you have not been sensitized (become allergic) to the ppd in the loreal solution.

    I hope this helps.

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    It's not safe to use a chemical dye on it once you have henna on it. It needs to be fully grown out or cut off completely before you can apply any chemical to it. So you either have to wait until it's all grown out and you have slowly cut it off, or you need to cut it off and start new. Your hair doesn't have to be virgin hair, but it cannot have henna on it.

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