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Poll: Can anyone help me finish this joke?

The Top 10 Signs You Might Be A "Metal Redneck":

10. You were caught headbanging at a Hank Williams, Jr., concert.

9. You wear a flannel shirt with suspenders when you go see Guns'N'Roses.

8. You convert the bed of your pick-up truck into a concert stage.

7. You take your guitar to the veterinarian's office to get it fixed.







*I'd like to submit this to Reader's Digest. Please do not use any profanity, sacrilegious jokes, or perverted jokes. I would appreciate it if it is funny, but clean.

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  • 9 years ago
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    6. You drive your John Deere tractor to a Metal Concert.

    5. Your Mother and Grandmother go with you to the Concert.

    4. You have a tattoo of your Mother and her name on your arm.

    3. You show up to the Concert wearing your bib-overalls/Carhartts.

    2. Your best friend doesn't wear a shirt,,no matter where he's going.

    1. You wear sunglasses ,,,even at night!



  • Aussie
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    9 years ago

    6. You think Steve Tyler flies a cropduster for the Aerosmith company

    7. You tried to shoot a Def Lepard

    8. You call your tractor Slash

    9. You call your mom The IRONing Maiden


    Sorry Im all out......hope you can use some of these...Goodluck with Readers Digest.

  • arieux
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    4 years ago

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