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trapped/survival thriller movies?

Please recommend some to me.

I have seen 127 hours, Buried, Frozen, Devil, The Way Back, The killing room, The happening, Vertical Limit, Touching the void, A lonely place to die and others (:

I want ones with not too much sex or nudity because I am only 14 (:

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    i was gonna recommend buried..frozen was really good..have you tried the "wrong turn" collection? those are pretty good..the 4th is my least favorite..poseidon..titanic lol main focus is the love story but still a survival movie..the of my favorite..HATE the ending tho..same with buried..hills have eyes..hitcher..last house on the stop..the saw collection...the descent..thats all i got for now..there was one about a dude who was harrassing a couple in a house "because he could" i think it was called the strangers..

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    The Grey (just out), Surviving the Game, The Thing (Horror), Daylight, Posideon, Volcano, Dante's Peak, Core, Day after Tomorrow, 2012....

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