Rate My Magic: The Gathering Blue/Black Mill Deck?

any suggestions to make it better?


10 Swamp

7 Island

2 Dimir Aqueduct

1 Duskmantle, House of Shadow


2 Emissary Of Despair

1 Mephitic Ooze

2 Vedalken Entrancer

1 Tormented Soul

3 Manor Skeleton

1 Slith Bloodletter

2 Infectious Host

1 Ludevic's Test Subject

2 Belltower Sphinx

1 Szadek, Lord Of Secrets

2 Falkenrath Noble

1 Alluring Siren


1 Skullcage

1 Dimir Signet

1 Chalice of Life

2 Specter Shroud

1 Elbrus, The Blinding Blade

1 Basilisk Collar


2 Induce Paranoia

1 Dream Leash

2 Relic Bane

2 Wrench Mind

1 Curse of Death's Hold

2 Psychic Drain

1 Night Terror

2 Terror

1 Dissipate

1 Consult The Necrosages

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well, for 1, focus it entirely on mill. Cards like Curse of Death's Hold, Basalisk Collar, and Ludivec's Test Subject have no place in a mill deck.

    You needs something with a base more like:

    4 Hedron Crabs

    4 Tome Scours

    4 Mind Funerals

    4 Archive Traps

    4 Ghost Quarters

    4 Despize

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    hi, where are you playing? this deck has a lot of illegal cards in it. such as sensie's diving top. if your play group doesn't mind, then go for it! just so you know, you couldn't bring this deck to a tournament.(just fyi) as for the deck. is your only counterspell, counterspell? what about a remand or cryptic command (REALLY REALLY good)? have you played with any of the newer mill cards such as mind funeral--["Target opponent reveals cards from the top of his or her library until four land cards are revealed. That player puts all cards revealed this way into his or her graveyard." ]? since you're only using thieving magpie for card-draw (i mean, it's not going to kill anyone), have you thought about running "dream salvage"? it only costs ONE blue OR black and it lets you draw cards equal to the number of cards discarded by target player this turn. that'd be 10 cards for you to draw. certainly enough to refill your hand. there's also a really powerful deck for standard called "turbo grind" which relies on "sanity grinding" + "twin cast"--essentially all the cards in the deck have Blue in the casting cost, so you end up milling for like 15 - 25 cards every time it goes off. there's a suite of bounce spells like unsummon too--to help keep the attackers off the table while you set up the combo. worth looking into! hope that helps! gl. :)

  • dude its amazing!

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