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Which is better iphone or android?

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    I would steer you away from the iphones

    4s because it has battery drainage problems:

    Even Steve Wozniak, co-founder of apple says the same thing and that siri is glitchy:

    And this is an Apple Legend saying this so you know it has to be bad.

    the 4 drops calls and is not recommended by Consumer Reports:

    Furthermore, with iphone you do not get Adobe Flash which is required to properly view videos on many websites, it is a huge complaint among iphone owners. Plus you cannot expand memory with iphone if you run out of space but with android you just add a card up to 32gb and you're good to go.

    You get more free apps with android, for example angry birds is free with android whereas you have to buy it with apple, or use their "free" version which has a big ad blocking part of the screen getting in the way of gameplay.

    Android phones are usually superior in technical specs, faster and more customizable. It is the smarter choice, that is why it leads the global market in smartphones today despite apple selling their iphones cheap or free.

    And despite the Woz saying iphones are easier to use, ANYONE can use android, he had to say SOMETHING nice about apple lol.

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    Umm well theres lots of factors betweenthe the to. I had a android and a iphone. If you like ton ton and tons of apps go for the iphone. If your a texter go for android because lots of them have quardy key bored ( dont know how to spell quardy sorry ) the android has by far fater internet if you get a 4g android which in iphones years hasebt still made a 4g device and is lacking that task also the iphone has almost never ever changed the inter face so it lacks the new features that android such as droid or razar max ( which by the way are fonominal phones handsdown) if you like huge custimzatinal settigs go throw the iphone in the trash the android wins on that one if has stuff such as live wal papers which acualy move so i you have a ocean back ground the water will move and towrds the end of the day the sun set will apper on the walpaper and turn into night and dawn it goes by time but its awesome so personly i would get android max if you like big screen and huge battey life that blows iphone away but doesnt have as much apps butthey are working on it

    Source(s): Been workig at verizon for a long long time
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    100% iPhone better.

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    I would recommend checking

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