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How long do you cook raw meats?

I'm 23 (just a adelecent or budding adult) and I am trying to become independent, although I feel that I may be trying to rush or push myself to become independent to quickly. The issue I am facing is, I can cook just about anything except raw meats...I am having trouble cooking raw meats (like chicken, pork and beef) to where there not under or over cooked. I don't know how long to cook them for. Also does any body have a method to use to get over a fear of being burned by the stove (such as popping grease)?

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    Cook times vary according to the cut/ thickness of the meat and cooking temps. You can buy a meat thermometer at Wal-mart, I recommend a metal one that list the degrees and which meats are considered done at those degrees rather than an electronic one. Also check in the meat section of a basic cookbook such as Betty Crocker for a meat cooking guide. Also remember that until the juices are running clear the meat is most likely not done, obviously steak will be an exception to this depending on how you like yours cooked. You can also buy screen covers to help with popping meat, they're usually pretty inexpensive and can also be found at Wal-mart. Bear in mind that the more water added to a meat product (such as ham) the more it's going to pop. Keep an eye on your flame as you don't want your grease getting to hot, and try to use a skillet the appropriate size for the portion you're cooking. A little meat in a big skillet will pop more because there's to much heated surface for what you're cooking.

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    Raw meat can final every week if stored at forty levels or cooler within the 'refrigerator. It can final 3 months if stored frozen forged. Cooked meat can final similarly lengthy if stored at forty levels or frozen. As for leaving cooked meals at the desk for twenty-four hours - the threat of meals poisoning, specifically if the meals had been chook or othe chicken, could be very top. You get meals poisoning as soon as, you'll be able to under no circumstances do some thing that dull once more! And if a small youngster or an aged individual ate that meals and received unwell - they are going to be so unwell they are in charge to die - and YOU might be charged with crook negligence! You had been damned fortunate no person received unwell off that meals you not noted that lengthy! Cooked meat must be left at room temperature not more than 2 hours - part that for cooked chicken comparable to chook, turkey, duck, goose and different birds. Re-heating does now not utterly put off the threat. Either devour it up, wrap it up and freeze it, or throw it out by the point the only or 2 hours are up.

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    it depends on the type of meat, how done you want it, how thick it is, etc

    purchase an electronic thermometer with meat settings

    they are cheap ($10-20)

    and very easy to use... just stick it in the meat, and it says when it is done.

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    It's simple- just cut a little piece and check it out. Also you can taste it. There is no exact time for cooking. You should feel it! : )

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