can I plug my motorhome into house current?

I have 50 amp power on my motorhome and want to use the house 15 amp electrical outlet to keep power to my motorhome. Can this be done safely if I "step down" the power source?

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    9 years ago
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    Yes you can, you will have limited power (amperage) in the motor-home. You will be able to run the refrigerator and a few lights. The A/C may work, with nothing else on. The worst that will happen is the breaker for the 15 amp outlet will pop. If it does unplug, turn off most of the stuff in the m/h, reset the breaker and turn on stuff. Stay away from power hogs like the a/c. Amperage is the amount of power ( very simple terms) that an object uses. It draws that power according to strict rules, for instance a 100 watt bulb at 110 volts will uses .9 amps of power. There is a formula for this. All electrical items have a rating plate on them that will tell you the max amps it will draw. Add up items until you get to 15amps then don't turn on anything else. It's easier to pay attention to what you've turned on at if the breaker has popped. The motor-home has a regulator and inverter that will protect it from incorrect voltage, that would be your only danger. Some systems on the m/h are 12volt others 110volt if you somehow plug a 12v item in 110v things will get exciting. However if you plug the ground shore plug (the long cable with plug and adapter on the outside of the m/h) into your home outlet there will be no problems. That cable is connected to the inverter and the regulator and protects the m/h. You will need an adapter to change the weird plug on the end of the cable to one that will plug into your home. If you don't have one you can buy one at an RV supply. Often the adapter is in the hole where the cable gets stuffed into. They are designed for this purpose. I hope this helps, read your manual and look this up on-line for your unit.

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    9 years ago

    Yes, just don't use all the appliances in the motorhome. Nothing to do with 'stepping down' unless they're different voltages. You seem to be confused between voltage and current. Your motorhome has 50 amp power inlet as it can use a lot of electrical current with all the motorhome is equipped with. As long as you keep your power usage below 15 amps, you can use the 15 amp power. Get some advice on what power your appliances in the motorhome use.

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    Yes you can. I have the same set up and I keep my rig plugged in at all times to keep the batteries charged. Having 50 amp capability doesn't mean you're drawing 50 amps ALL the time.

    The only time you'll have any problem is when you are drawing a LOT of current by turning on several items at once. If I use the coffee maker and microwave at the same time while plugged in to house outlet, the breakers will pop. OR if the batteries are pretty low and the on-board charger is working hard, same thing. I have to watch the breakers, but when NOT using any appliances, and simply maintaining the charge on the batteries, there is NO problem....

    If you have circuit breakers, there is absolutely NO danger of fire, as the breakers pop instantly when overloaded.

    You can buy adapters for your power cord at Walmart.

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    9 years ago

    you can go to home depot, buy some 8 gauge romex (50' roll) buy a 50 amp dual pole breaker, put it in your disconnect box and run the romex out to your camper and get a matching plug for your camper. Not that big of a deal. You could replace your 15 amp breaker with a 50, but depending the wire size of what you have, it might over heat the wire. Also just because you have a 50 amp service in the camper doesn't mean you are using 50 amp at any given time, do the math on whats being used and if it doesn't exceed 15 amps your fine, Plus you can go to a 30 amp breaker on most existing house wire with no problems...

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  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't recommend it, you're likely to blow the circuit.

    I'd recommend calling an electrician and seeing about having a 50-amp circuit put up for you.

    But if you do, be very careful with what you use on the circuit. Don't even think about the stove, and your microwave may be risky.

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