I have a huge problem, my life in general.. Sure I'm healthy and I'm not poor but I feel like a failure, all through school I was bullied. Everyone took the side of the bullies, so now my social life is virtually nothing, and Ive never had a girlfriend. Im laughed at and I!!ve never really been taken seriously by anyone...

Im 16 if that helps, no negative comments please!

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  • 9 years ago
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    First off hang in there you are only 16 it gets better. Second look down inside yourself and see what it is about you that you feel you need to change and throw that all away. next, stop worrying about having a girlfriend, people are waiting till they are older to be in relationships, so if you think you're the only guy without a girlfriend you're not. Also look to get involved in stuff, even if it's outside the school, there is nothing wrong with making better friends with people that you don't go to school with. Also, why not look into things in your community, like maybe go to the community center and sign up for a basketball team or a baseball team. Sometimes the best thing to do is think outside the box.

    Also it's a hard thing to do at 16, but stop worrying about what others think and just remember, one day you might be that "jerks" boss or manager or superior.

    And another thing, sometimes you make the best of friend with your "enemies" After high school and sometimes during once they gt to see that you're not a bad person.

    Good luck and I hope my advice helps. :)

  • Jeremy
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    9 years ago

    So how do you deal with all this? Well, it can be extremely easy or it could be on the verge of hard, it depends on how much you push yourself. For me to gain my confidence back, it took a little while, but after that I was in the clearing. You just have to realize that people being a**holes aren't gonna affect you because you're stronger than that. Getting upset about it and being depressed isn't gonna solve anything at all. To solve it, you simply refuse to acknowledge their presence. What is it gonna matter to you? You're one of the millions of kids who get bullied daily, but you won't be the ones who get upset over it all. Its hard, but I know deep down inside you're a tough person. A tough person overlooks pity things like some jacka** thinking that they're better than you. One important step is that you have to look forward at the future. Later on in life there will be a time when you look back at all the sh*t people put you through and you just laugh about it because you are now living your life to the fullest and there's not a da*n thing they can do about it. Also, the people who have bullied during school will be wondering around like lost puppies when they don't think they're tough sh*t anymore. They either go out and grow up to a natural functioning member of society, or they try to do the same stuff they did in middle and high school and get put in their place right then and there. Lets face it, bullies just aren't ready for the outside world. This is your time to laugh in their faces. On another note, you need to think positive thoughts. Thinking and feeling negative will not get you anywhere, but positivity will. A good thing that I like to do is to listen to music. Music is a gateway to the soul, and if you need any recommendations send me a message. A good song off the top of my head is "Everybody Hurts" by REM. Also, a very big favorite of mine is "Make It Stop" by Rise Against. There is so much beauty in the world that it's insane. There's beautiful people and a beautiful world. Be thankful for every single moment you have, because you're priveledged. There is always someone in the world that loves you. I share a bond with the bullied because I know the hardships they face. But no one can bring us down. We are united. We are strong. If you ever need me for anything, I'm always there. Just drop me an email. I appreciate you reading everything I had to say, and I know your life will improve within the next month, tops. You're not alone.

  • arieux
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    4 years ago

    Ok, you get rejected... then what? What's so unhealthy approximately that? You most commonly may not get rejected, however the first-rate factor to do is to provoke this by way of asking some thing innocent. Ask if she desires to research with you for a even as, or simply move to a couple quick meals situation for a Coke after college. That method, although she does not wish to, it is not such as you requested her to a couple romantic candlelight dinner or some thing. If she says sure, fine! Go have a well time. If she says no, who cares! Nothing ventured, not anything received. A paralyzing of rejection is a horrible waste of vigour.

  • 9 years ago

    If there is anyone in this world you can turn to for support, like family, a family friend, - childhood and youth can be the toughest time of life, but it does get better when you're out of it and into the adult world.

    Honestly, it disgusts me to no end how bullies get coddled and they keep managing to fool others into thinking the people they are hurting are the villains. People need to start being a lot tougher on bullies.

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  • 9 years ago

    Using generalized statements like I'm a failure and Everyone's against me are kind of indicating you're getting a little overwhelmed man. You're not processing that **** right. You need to get it off your chest with a real person.

    You should probably to talk to someone homie. No big giant revelations. Just pick an adult or a parent or someone and tell them what's up with your that day.

    PS: Go join a sports team even if you suck at that sport. Who cares. You are 100% guaranteed to make a bunch of friends and have a good time. Relax.

    Source(s): Highschool sucks dick everyone. They should write that on a giant plaque on the front of the building. It would make everyone less anxious.
  • 9 years ago

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been bullied almost all your life. Well isn't much I can help you with but go to church talk to someone there maybe even a counselor at school. Your only 16 you have plenty of time to date girls we are complicated anyways lol.

  • 9 years ago

    Its too bad these bullies dont realize what their childish behaviour does. You need to get your selfestteem back , try councelling maybe look into joining a sports activity, baseball, bowling ect, meet new people and get yourself away from the old crowd Good Luck

  • 9 years ago

    Honetly the best way to dal with a bully, is to stand up for yourself. Don't do anything that will intentionally result in embarrassment. Just stand up, tell them off. They aint worth a damn if they haveto hurt others to make themselves feel better.

    Hun, i was picked on my whole life growing up, beat up. I got tough. I don't encourage physical fighting, but hun, if he swings first have at it! Don't take their crap. girls love bad boys, trust me im with one. But dont loose yourself. you dont haveto be a jerk to be cool. most ppl with lifeless social lives get on and talk to ppl from far away, don't do it. !!! but give them a reason to take you seriously. And if you have never had a girlfriend its not a totally bad thing. the time will come and they will all want you AT once.. good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Don't underestimate yourself, think why have people been doing those things to you, have you ever done such things to someone before? If you nevee did, then it's all about timing, God is there for you, they will be punished eventually i'm sure

  • Music is your cure. If you like music, it can bring you up, or bring you down in ecstasy. Otherwise you have to be bigger than everyone. , Be smart!!! If you make bad grades, try your best, don't worry about others.

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