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how do you feel about Michael J. Fox's fight for people with Parkinson's disease?

How to you feel about his fight for more funding for himself and other people with this disease. Please keep the language clean this is for a Freshman (HS) English Class.

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    Michael J Fox has done a remarkable thing in his willingness to stand in public to be the voice and face for Parkinson's disease.

    What is especially important is that as the disease progresses, many people with PD are more reluctant to having other people see them publicly. Mr Fox has provided a role model for all People with Parkinson's by allowing everyone to see what this disease can do to the human body. He helped to begin the stigma removal for PwPs.

    What is even more significant to the future of the disease is the Michael J Fox Foundation which has become very important to funding research. Many research projects or many areas related to PD now have funding in part due to the grants by MJFF. Even research projects which do not yield positive development potential PD treatment or the PD knowledge base, can often be of benefit to other researchers for either PD or other medical conditions.

    I think that Mr Fox actually made an excellent decision not to disclose his disease after his initial diagnosis. The time gained allowed him to develop an even larger movie and TV fan base. It was the love and support of his fans which helped MJFF become the international force it is now.

    Mr Fox also recognizes that his fight is not just for Parkinson's disease but also for many parkinsonism conditions and other neurodegenerative diseases. Each aspect of research opens the door for other medical conditions.

    Because of the length of time it takes for research first in defining the origins of the disease, finding ways to impact the origins and the existing neurological damage, even Mr Fox has felt disappointment as he had to revise his hopeful estimate of when a cure/cures would be found. He has presented a most human face to the feelings of PwPs and their families.

    One thing seldom mentioned is that he opened awareness to the plight of not just stereotypical elderly PD but of Early or Young Onset PD where there was little acknowledgment from either the public nor the medical profession. He has probable been responsible for speeding treatment to tens of thousands whose diagnose and resulting medical and therapy care would have been delayed by years.

    He has gone from hip, flip cynic to a modern day hero.

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    I am so upset about it that it makes me shake. I also have a Michael J. Fox bobblehead doll that I hope will be worth money someday.

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