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Am i doing the right way to losing weight?

I am 18 years old, weigh 49kg and am about 150cm tall.

I have been wanting to lose thigh fat.

I have started doing this exercise which is skipping 2000 times on weekdays.

I listen to music while skipping.. So it goes :

1st music : skipping (about 300 - 400 times)

2nd music : rest

3rd music : skipping (about 300 - 400 times)

4th music : rest

you get the idea.. so, I do this until i've skipped 2000 times for the day.

Do u think what i'm doing is the right thing??

Any advice for me??

Roughly after how long will i be able to see results?? 2 weeks?? 3 weeks??

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    You can't lose fat from a particular part of your body, there's no such thing as spot reduction when it comes to weight loss, you'll be working to reduce body fat from your whole body and it will eventually start coming off your legs. What you're doing is a good form of exercise, if you could, instead of taking a whole song to rest, go significantly slower during that song - so you're resting but still working, your heart will still have time to slow down and recover. If you're doing that every day you'll see results quite quickly, UNLESS you have a rubbish diet. Diet is 75% of weightloss. But you're definitely on the right track, keep up the good work!

    Source(s): I'm an 18 year old elite gymnast, training for the Olympics 2016.
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    To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. By cutting out 3,500 calories a week, you will lose one pound. That means you have to cut your calories per day by 500 for 7 days. This is not too hard if you are doing physical activity. The best way to workout is to do High Intensity Interval Training. It does not take a lot of time (30 minutes) and you keep burning fat for up to 48 hours after.

    An example of a 30 minute routine (after warm up) would be:

    Walk Briskly: 1 minute

    Sprint (as fast as you can): 30 seconds

    Repeat the above 20 times.

    At first, you many only be able to go for 20 minutes, as it gets tiring towards the end. Also, incorporate weight training into your cardio workouts. Having a simple set of 5-10lb. weights in your home can do wonders. Work out your arms and do squats/lunges while holding your 5lb. weights. Weight training will also keep you burning calories long after your workout. It really helps! Look for great excercises to do with your weights at home on the Internet. Also, it was just aired on the Dr. Oz show that Raspberry Keytones (100mg) with breakfast can reduce overall body fat. Remember to eat healthy meals - lots of lean protein, veggies and fruit. Hope this helps!

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    I might expect so sure. On television indicates approximately weight reduction I have truthfully spotted that once they lose all in their extra weight , their arms have a tendency to look slimmer afterwards. It's generally simply fluid within the palms although , in summer season my palms swell up due to the fact of the warmness , however in wintry weather they cross back off to traditional .

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    Unfortunately, you can not spot reduce fat. Genetics has predetermined where your body is going to store fat and how much before it starts storing it in other places. The best way to lose weight is to eat a healthy, balanced diet along with cardio and weight training. For the weight training, you don't have to go heavy. Just some light dumbbells will work. But you want to increase your muscle mass because muscle is a fat burning machine and burns more calories than fat.

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    yeah, but you also need breaks within workdays. monday you workout, tuesday you rest, wednesday you workout, thurdsay you rest, etc.

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    omg i am 15 and i am 58kg

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