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does he like me? help!!!!!!!!!, he flirts but he has a girlfriend i need to know?

there is this boy, i have liked him for ages, he knows i do and he liked me to but know he has a girlfriend, he always inboxes and talks to me, he flirts alot with me in this lesson where we sit next to each other, this sounds stupid but we have poke wars and now he touches my bum, and he rests his hand on my leg, then pokes me? is he just playing me? should i invite him out on frideay? <3


also he has done things with his girlfriend i wouldnt dream of doing with him, but he has said he regrets them? but he is really nice

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    I cannot say whether he likes you or not. But I can be sure in one thing that he is not a "one woman man" type, I mean to say he cannot be loyal to any girl. This time he's cheating his current girlfriend (whether he likes you or not). Tomorrow, he'll be liked by one another girl, then he may started playing with her ( what he's doing now with you). So, the rest is up to your conscience.

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    He is a player what is just ridiculous because he already has a girlfriend. lets just say he left her for you how can you be so sure that he wouldn't be cheating on you or flirting with other girls behind your back??

    He is a PLAYER !!!!

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    If he does that when he has a girlfriend he'll probably do it to you to, stay away

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