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Are the GOP trying to change the US Constitution?

Ever since President Obama entered office, Republicans have called for constitutional freedoms of our constitutional government to be repealed by amendment. A few examples:

1. REPEALING CITIZENSHIP: Numerous GOP lawmakers, including their Senate leader and the most-recent Republican candidate for president, are backing a “review” of the 14th Amendment’s grant of citizenship to virtually all persons born within the United States.

2. REPEALING CONGRESS’ POWER TO RAISE MONEY: Tea Party Republicans are calling for a full repeal of the 16th Amendment, the amendment which enables the INCOME TAX. Wouldn't it be impossible to function as a nation if America lacked the power to raise the money it needs to pay our armed forces, for example.

3. REPEALING CONGRESS’ POWER TO SPEND MONEY: The Constitution gives Congress power to “provide for the common defense and general welfare,” which means, in my view, the authority to create federal spending programs such as Social Security. For example, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), recently called upon the Supreme Court to rewrite the Constitution’s clear language and repeal parts of the budget he doesn’t like. A Texas GOP even went so far as to claim that the federal highway system is unconstitutional.

4. REPEALING EQUALITY: The Constitution entitles all persons to “equal protection of the laws,” This in my opinion include the rights of Gay Marriage and until it is ruled illegal like Polygamy, it should be noted.

5. REPEALING ELECTION OF SENATORS: A number of GOP candidates have come out in favor of repealing the 17th Amendment, the provision of the Constitution which requires direct election of senators.

I find it IRONIC that a Party that bashes us over the head with talks of the Constitution, seem to be trying to change the Constitution in many ways....Would like to hear your opinions on the subject.


No need to be nasty, I am just asking the question. We live in a democracy, right?

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@mckenzie. Good points.

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    Many are trying to change the Constitution.

    Many in my party are as well.

    There are many ways people abuse the rights granted by the Constitution.

    Both parties fight that by changing the Constitution to close those abuses.

    There are many ways that people have their rights abused by flaws in the Constitution.

    Both parties fight that by changing the Constitution to close those abuses.

    There are many ways that people have their rights abused by those ignoring or trying to change the Constitution.

    Both parties fight that by defending the Constitution.

    There are VERY Constitutional ways to change the Constitution.

    Both parties cry out about the other party changing the Constitution, and both parties use the idea that the Constitution should remain as it is, while at other times crying out that it is a living document (subject to change and growth).

    Worth bringing up, your point, and mine.

    Keep speaking up, everyone.

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    "REPEALING EQUALITY: The Constitution entitles all persons to “equal protection of the laws,” This in my opinion include the rights of Gay Marriage and until it is ruled illegal like Polygamy, it should be noted."

    The rest was just silly spin.. this part made you look like an idiot.

    Gays have 100% identical marriage rights to normal people. Don't get it? Do a little test. Take your phone book and go through it name by name. See if you can find a single example of somebody ( with the exception of immediate family ) that a normal man could legally marry that a gay man couldn't? When you're done with that phone book, see if you can find more.. and apply the same test to them.

    And really, isn't it a bit bigoted of you to say that we should change laws for homosexuals but polygamists don't deserve the same attention? Why do you hate equality so much?

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    The 14th amendment was designed to grant citizenship to the children of former slaves. Seems to Me it has fulfilled the function. What is wanted is the elimination of the "anchor" baby idea where a foreign lady gets automatic citizenship by dropping her baby in America.

    We managed to raise money before the Income tax.

    SSI is not a spending program, what it is is a retirement system where you contribute to a fund and you are suppose to be able to collect the money when you retire. Considering the massive deficit we are seeing, some restriction on congressional spending is in order.

    Do you think the framers of the Constitution had gay marriage in mind when they talked about "equal protection under the law". Oh and that is the proper phrase not "equal protection of the laws".

    Originally senators were elected by the State legislatures, in accordance with the Constitution

    At least the republicans want to make changes thru the amendment process, not thru executive orders by the president or by a liberal judge who "interperts" the constitution according to his own ideas.

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    It is coming NWO will do that....

    Yes I do know that and do you know Today political party affiliation do not make any differences any more. We are and whole world under control and supervision of BilderBerg Group master and creators of NWO. Today majority worldwide politicians members of NWO club, so do not be wore over who what and why going to be elected it is they and only they Bilder Berg Group "NWO" masters going decide that. They have one goal it is to take over the world and eliminate 80-90% of the world population and slave all remain rest of 500 millions. Beware what going to happened with you and your family after NWO going take over the world and start implement final solution over us humanity. My friends we must investigate and expose and burn to the ground their evil plans but if you want to be a market slave go ahead because in the totalitarian NWO regime will be only two classes the masters incredibly wealthy and their slaves. Can you guess which one you will belong to or it is too difficult for you? Wake up my Brothers do your research, my recommendation: Read the book “Masters Game “by Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval.Book contains 6 hundred pages with sources, photos and references. And YouTube videos especially: Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph, The Upcoming New World Order, NWO Deception, Satanic NOW, One World Religion, The big deception,NWO Alien Agenda, The Deception of One World Religion, New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World's Population, Illuminati Satanic 2012+ UFO Event, NWO Satanic Higher Consciousness, New Age Satanism, Satanic Enlightenment, New Age Deception, The Power behind the New World Order Full Documentary, The Satanic 9/11 Ritual, by Bill Cooper. Wake up my Brothers time is running out, we have to face those cronies. May god blesses all of us we are 99% percentile.

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  • No, they're trying to get Democrats to OBEY it.

    1) The 14th Amendment does not grant "anchor baby" citizenship. A separate simple act of Congress did that.

    2, 5) So, you oppose change or UNDOING change? If you can, try to give an honest answer.

    3) Not even one honest and literate person agrees with your "view." The Constitution LIMITS Congresses power to spend to those powers enumerated therein and EVEN THEN ONLY in cases that are "for the common defense and general welfare" of all of the STATES.

    4) The law DOES apply equally without regard to your sexuality etc. Yours is a dishonest and/or retarded argument.

    I find it ironic that someone who vigorously opposes each and every clause of the Constitution and demands it be IGNORED claims to be incensed over proposing lawful changes.

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    My opinion is that you are just parroting the left line. You have no idea what you are talking about and even tell some lies.

    Gay rights? What are they? Do they have separate rights?

    Tea Party calls for repeal of the 16th amendment? So? they are nothing.

    I find it strange that a person who quotes the constitution so freely fails to realize that the Constitution says we live in a republic. There is a difference between that and a democracy.

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    I agree but the really funny part is that the rank and file Republicans just refuse to see or believe what is right in front of their faces. Just like an odd little statistic I dug up when researching Voter fraud, according to the FBI there are more dead people registered to vote Republican by 2-1 over Democrats.

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    Changing the Constitution is no easy feat.

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    Why don't they just do what B.H.O. dose, when Congress leaves town just use an execute order.

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    that would make them Dems

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