I'm not sure what to do?

I am feeling extremely depressed right now and I'm sorry to do it here, but I don't have anyone else to tell. I am a teenager, so my meager issues may seem extremely trivial but despite my mentality telling me this, my emotional well-being is feeling extremely fragile now. I think I'll let that side take over now.

Firstly, there are these two acquaintances of mine who are being extremely cold and mean to me. The first acquaintance, though I have made several attempts to interact with her, she brushes it off, refusing to reply to my tweets or following me back despite her following all those people she knows in real life. The smiles she send back to me aren't sincere like before and she seems to be sending me looks of contempt and disdain. Please, I'm sorry, but I do not want to hear soft comfort that she missed me out by accident because clinging on to this little faith has led me to my deep sadness. My other acquaintance, when I tapped her and told her one of her friends is looking for her, she actually just stares at me quizzically and says a blunt "okay?" even though previously, when she spoke with me, she usually maintained a friendly tone. These two friends are close with one another and there was once, in a fit of anger as my best friend had cheated me of something I loved, I had said something extremely offensive which was overheard by one of the friends, who may have gotten affected as she is sensitive to the type of insult I made. Both of them are being very cold to me and with my new class, I feel as though there is another girl who dislikes me and having been in a class with many nice people before, I am not used to the sudden taste of reality.

There is this irritating girl named Amanda as well who used to cling on to me and treated me as though I was her little follower she could push around (yet bitched when I went to converse with my other friends), now is trying to isolate me from our clique. When I was absent for three days, she got close to two of my friends and now, it seems like even those friends are avoiding me and leaving me out. I honestly believe she has said something to them about me, and she purposely tries to ditch me and leave me out of conversations by butting in when I am trying to talk and even scolding me whenever I do something she considers wrong, like when she was showing off her pencil case, I added in my pens cheekily and she asked me extremely loudly and rudely, "Just what are you doing? Don't you even know what we're doing here? Honestly, you're..." and she rolls her eyes. Yet, when those friends are unavailable, she comes crawling back to me and clinging on and expecting me to go with her. She only shows this ugly side to me which is why if I were to make a scene my entire class would think I'm the one with the problems. She likes to boss me around and brush off my opinions.

I want to find other friends but the clique that I was originally supposed to be in has already formed close bonds as back then, Amanda refused to let me interact with the rest and I truly believed she possessed the mentality that since I was being sociable and she was not, I was not allowed to either. I want to seek new friends but everyone already has a clique and even though I have the mentality that being alone isn't much of an issue, the fact that my peers' perspectives are caving in on me and as much as I hate how they are separated and love to bring another down to exercise the meager social status they possess, I have to go with it as the majority will always win the minority.

I am afraid, I am depressed and I am not sure what I should do. Just anyone who would be kind enough to answer something legible would comfort me a great deal and I really thank you for the effort of trying to help me.

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    Whatever you said to that one friend could be why your other friends are isolating you. and that amanda is a ***** stop trying to get close to her I bet it makes her feel good that now you have to keep following her around. You should go apologise to the friends that you do want to be with if they still dont like you than go find another clique. If worst comes to worst you could always switch schools and reinvent yourself.

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