Is it fair that I keep getting trouble for being late?

And skipping school. Yesterday I was late because my mom has brain cancer and she has to go on chemo and it makes her severely sick in the morning and she couldn't function or drive me to school. eventually I got to school but it was at 7:55.

My health teacher got Mad at me for being late all the time and skipping school (she said this) even though my mon has excuses me and apologizes that she is sick.

I'm really afraid to tell my health teacher that my mom has brain cancer because I'd have to do it in front of the whole class, it's not a private room.

I don't think I'm being treated fairly by getting called a hooky player and such. She's not a mean teacher she's nice to other people.

Am I being treated fairly? Even though my mom excused me? This isn't something I can help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Have a meeting with your principle with your mum/mom (i'm English) about the whole situation. If you're late for a valuable reason then i'm sure it'll all work out.

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    9 years ago

    Yes it absolutely is fair that you get in trouble for disrupting the class by being late and by breaking the law when you skip. If you have a valid reason (which to me it sounds like you do), you need to discuss it with the school. Just having excuses every day is not valid. Set up an appointment with your teacher(s) and talk about what's going on. Until you do that, you are being treated perfectly fairly and appropriately. I suggest you talk to them immediately..don't put it off any longer.

  • 9 years ago

    You can always ask for a private conference, or even go to the principal of the school, and explain your situation.

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