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Date dilemma???????? ?

I am going on a date in less than an hour with my SUPER SHY boyfriend, we will be at the movies and after I have to go straight home. What can we talk about and how can we get to holding hands ect:

We have been together for a long time :)

We are both 14 and in yr:9

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    Find something you both have in common like a movie or programme? Ask him what he likes and telll him what you like. Maybe tell him a past story of yours something that'll make him laugh that'll lighten the mood and make things more comfotable for the both of you. Most of all don't worry about it or how things will happen etc, it will all come naturally, just enjoy it and you'll both have a brill time, remember have fun :D

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    4rm experience wit a few shy guys i dated in d past, i realised that shy guys are themselves shy abt their shyness.. Esp wen dey care abt yu but cant rly express it due to their shyness, dt maks dem fil terrible inside 4 yu, cos they tink u deserve mor n yet somone d damn shyness wont let them be.

    What i did in my case is, becos im quite a talkativ,i initiated most of d conversation n esp made jokes dt made us laugh, i also confronted him abt his shyness in a vry relaxed way n got him to talk abt it..dat made a connection n he felt so much freer wit me cos it was like we had blown d cover n confronted d fear, now he knows i kno he's shy n im nt afraid 2 say it n i dnt care,, so he's got nothin 2 hide or b shy abt n dosnt hav 2 worry abt shynes wen he is at it. Infact nw he's outgrown it n is d bolder one.

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    You can always ask questions. Ask him what vacations he's been on, where he went, what did he like about it, would he like to live there? What are his favorite subjects in school, where would he like to go to college...if he's thought about that. What are his favorite things to do...if he could do it all the time? How does he do this or that. And if it sounds interesting, ask if he could teach you how to do it also. Listen carefully to what he says and ask questions about whatever he discusses.

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    during the movie give him a BJ

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