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This is the 2nd this has happened now.. The laptop didn't shut down properly and when I start it up it the options are start windows normaly or fix problems, when I start windows normally nothing happens it just restarts then go to the options menu again and the fix problems option doe nothing! the screen remains blank :/ I do not have any backup disks and this cost me over £100 to fix last time and my computer was swiped so I lost everything on there and it was like new when I had it back so I don't know what to do :( when I press F8 all the options there don't work either so there's nothing I can do about it. Is there anyway I can fix this without paying or should I trash it and get myself a new laptop? (this laptop only lasted 1 year, it's an asda's e-machine)

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    From what you are saying it sounds like the windows install might be bad. If you have access to another system try and Google "Windows Rescue disk" (without quotes) and see if you can make a CD and try and repair it.

    The system should last more then a year.

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    Start it in safe mode not in normal mode then run the spyware program and virus detection program you should already have loaded on your computer.

    Hopefully it will find and fix it for you, once it is finished you can start it in normal mode.

    Good Luck!

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