I am looking for a free safe and simple piece of software so i can burn DVDs any suggestions?

I,m on a low budget and i need it to be trust worthy this will allow me to keep photos


been given great advice from all so thanks but the discs i burn wont play on my dvd machine any thoughts

Update 2:

not much luck with infra recorder it asks me if the video_ts file is present i don't have a clue

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  • 9 years ago
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    InfraRecorder works pretty well. Supports creating ISO images as well as the usual CD/DVD creation.

    ** Edit **

    Are you closing the session when you write the disc? Are you going between operating systems? Some operating systems are a bit pickier about how the media was written. Does the target system handle the media type you have?

    Possible media types:


    DVD+R DL



    DVD-R DL



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    Go for Magic ISO

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