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Lump on my dog's back caused from falling during his seizure?

My 2 year old lab had seizures; one morning while I was at school he had a seizure. My husband was home and said he fell off our bed (which is pretty high, more so that a usual bed) my husband got up and held him to make sure he didn’t thrash and injure himself more (as we were told to do) however since then he has had a lump on his back/shoulder blade area. It's a little smaller than a small egg. I know it appeared too fast to be cancer so I am wondering if anyone would know what it is, what might have caused it or who could tell me. He had his seizure 6 days ago so that is how long he has had it. It has not grown any but it also has decreased in size. He also does not seem to know it’s there and I don’t believe he feels pain from it.


In response to answers:first of all he has been to the vet before when he had seizures( he has a history). we didn't spare any cost on him he is my baby . the vet informed us that they won't put him on meds until be has them weekly or so. the vet said there's not a need to bring him in unless he has a temp and I took him to he didn't have one. so if you are going to acuse me of dog abuse you need to know your facts. you can ask anyone I know how well I care for my dogs..so if you want to provide actual advice please do but I would appreciate the unfounded judgment thank you

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  • kelly
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    Why dont you take your dog to the vets ?

    Seizures are a major health problem - and more than likely something serious is causing it . If it was my dog , it would have been down the vets the first time this happens . You cant play about with a dogs health regarding something so important .

    Take your dog to the vets immediatley

  • Pamela
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    I do not see any where in your question as to where you said you took your dog to a vet or that he is on medication for seizures.

    You are asking people who are not vets for advice that could possibly kill you dog for you.

    Your dog needs to be seen by a ve and placed on proper dosage of anti-seizure drugs.

    Also a vet needs to check this lump and medicate it.

    Withholding medical care from a animal is the same as abuse.

    I am sorry, but if your vet won't treat the dog for the seizures then you need to seek the advise of another vet.

    And I do know what I am talking about because I have a seizure dog and he is on daily medicine for it. The dog is having them for a reason and a vet needs to find out why with blood tests. Dogs along with humans suffer from brain,heart, kidney, liver, and lung damage every time they seize.

    And it matters not what your friends say about the care you give, not giving a dog or any animal medical care is abuse. And this dog is being abused by depriving him of the medicine he needs to either slow down or prevent these damaging seizures.

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    This is the type of thing vets exist for. I can't believe you've left it 6 days after a seizure AND a fall during it, and still insist on asking online!

    Take him to a vet, you won't get any answers here helpful enough to home-treat this.

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    take to vet

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