I have just got photoshop CS5 for my mac OS but need to uninstall old CS.?

I need a password which I don't have or lost. Not very good on software stalling! Please help me.


I have placed the old CS file in the Trash from my Applications folder and now wish to install the new CS5 Extended. Before I start to install is having the old CS5 in the Trash the correct uninstall procedure. The last thing I wont to do is make a cock-up with installing a brand new program. Thanks for your help. Roy Salmon, Leigh on Sea, Essex, UK.

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  • RAK
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    9 years ago

    Assuming you have CS5 full version and not an upgrade version, since Photoshop doesn't need a password to use, I assume you mean the administrator password for the computer, is that accurate?

    As far as uninstalling the previous version, depends if the CS 5 version is an upgrade or not. If an upgrade, do not uninstall the previous version of Photoshop. If a full version of CS5, you need the disk for the older version to uninstall or there may be an "Uninstall" on the computer.

    ***Edit***(Feb 15)


    I take it that the password you were being prompted for was indeed the administrator's password for your Mac computer (applications being a Mac terminology.)

    You mention you are installing CS5 as well as uninstalling CS5. This is somewhat confusing.

    In your additional post you mentioned you had placed an old version in the trash and you also mention that you now want to install CS5 extended. However you also say "BEFORE I start to install ..." Please clarify.

    Also if you are dealing with a Trial version of Adobe Photoshop of either of the versions, the one installed and the one you are trying to installed? A trial version presents an entirely different approach to troubleshooting. Adobe usually offers a readme.txt with their applications with install instructions, have your read them?

    Assuming you are using a Mac computer, check Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended system requirements and confirm your Mac meets them. See link below.

    Assuming both versions are purchased versions:

    1) Install is on a Mac

    2) The operating system on the Mac

    3) The full name and version information for the Adobe Photoshop that was first installed on the computer

    4) The full name and version of Adobe Photoshop you are wanting to install.


    Regarding uninstalling the old CS5...check the applications folder of "uninstall" application for the old version and should there not be one on the drive, put in the disk for the older version of CS5 and there should be one there.

    However if you have already dragged and dropped to the trash bin, it is possible that the Uninstall application for the old version will not work properly.

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