Dream meaning needed please?

I had a dream that this guy that it's in my class ( hes an internationa student)was starring at me. For some reason I went to Italy. He speaks Italian and he's been there in real life. Well I was with my co worker which is my friend, she's also in our class and she looked worried. I started to follow this guy and I opened a closet and there's this sect priest and guys dressed in black in a circle. They were

doing something really cruel and creepy. I ran back and I told my friend.

In the real world thus guy likes me, and he introduced to me like 2 weeks ago. I started to ignore him and he reacted. He startes at me in a weird way while we are in class

Does anyone know what does that means ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Regarding dreams, Dr. Allan Hobson of Harvard Medical School said: “They are ambiguous stimuli which can be interpreted in any way a therapist is predisposed to. But their meaning is in the eye of the beholder—not in the dream itself.”

    In others words, everything that appears in your dreams are stimuli that you have experienced in real life. Everyday we see hundreds of people and things, but we don't pay attention to all of them because they do not have any significant meaning to us. However, that doesn't mean our brains aren't recording them and storing them in our subconscious.

    The quote above from Dr. Hobson was also saying that emphasis should not be placed on interpreting dreams because even psychologists interpret them differently. For example, one person can say that your dreams mean you are wanting to be in a committed relationship, another person can say that you are unsatisfied with your life, and a third person can say that you have a fear of intimacy. THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES I MADE UP FROM THE TOP OF MY HEAD to show how different professionals can interpret dreams differently. Don't let someone else make sense of something you are dreaming about. Only you and God really know how you are, so it's best to deal with yourself and make decisions based on knowledge of yourself while you are conscious, not based on some movie you are forced to sit through every night. (Matthew 10:30) I remember having a dream that I was pregnant and giving birth. I don't place a lot of emphasis on my dreams, but if I would have told someone they would have probably said that the reason for the dream is that I want to have children. Such a person would not know how wrong they are. I don't even like dealing with other people's kids, and I loath the thought of having my own (I believe it's called being a childfree person). But if I would have listened to such advice and went out and got pregnant, I would be so absolutely miserable since that is not what I want for myself ever.

    Research has been done to show that dreams (even the recurring ones) keep our brains healthy in some way, perhaps by categorizing and storing stimuli that we have taken in. You don't have much control over what appears in your dreams or how it appears. However, if you don't want to have nightmares, then you shouldn't watch horror movies or play scary or violent video games or anything like that since that stimuli can appear in your dreams. Even scary sounds can appear in your dreams. Other than that, just enjoy the show!

    Personally, ever since I started filling my mind with positive stimuli by reading a chapter of the Bible each night right before going to sleep and meditating on what it says, my dreams have been much more pleasant.

  • 9 years ago

    it probably means that he likes u or something!

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