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I'm getting braces sometime this month and want to know the experience of using them, are they unconfortable? Can you eat anything? How long I'm I wearing them?(Estimate) how much will cost??? Do people make fun of people using braces? Do wearing braces causes bad breath??? Please give me all the info I need aabout braces :)

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    Yea they r uncomfortable at 1st, but u will get used 2 them pretty fast.

    And u can eat almost anything, but stay away from chewy things (candy)

    And almost every one gets braces sooner or later, so they probably won't make fun of u.

    And as long as u brush ur teeth normally ur breath will b fine.

    And I don't know about the price, sorry

    And here is the process,

    step 1. first they lightly clean ur teeth,

    step 2. they push these.....loop things on each of ur very back teeth in each corner of ur mouth,

    step 3. then they put this bad tasting glue on ur teeth, one at a time, (just keep ur tongue in the back of ur mouth)

    step 4. then they use tweezers thing 2 place the brackets on ur teeth, one at a time,

    step 5. then they use this weird light thing 2 dry the glue,

    step 6. then they size the wire,

    step 7. u pick out a color,

    step 8. and they put the wire on,

    step 9. and the only part that hurts, is when they put the colored loop thing around each of the brackets, one at a time,

    step 10.then they clip the wire in the back, 2 make sure none is sticking out, so it wont poke u,

    and u will be sore 4 a few days but it gets better fast :)

    and u will go back once a month 2 have them tightened, and they will repeat steps 6. through step 10.

    and here is a HUGE TIP!

    take some Tylenol b4 u go, so when they start pulling on ur teeth, it wont b that bad

    Oh, and u can pick a new color band each time u go back.

    Hope I helped!

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    I had braces for 2 1/2 years my teeth were very crowded and they came out perfect. people ask me if they are fake ;) they don't give u bad breath unless u don't brush after u eat, food get stuck in them every time u eat so u have to brush or rinse at least, the don't hurt except when u get them tightened, it's more of a dull annoying pain, versus an actual pain, but they are well worth it, as far as price mine where 3,500$ but I had porcalin (sp?) braces not the metal ones and they cost more....hope I helped oh u can eat what ever u want but keep in mind for a couple days after you get them adjusted ( usually once a month) your teeth will be uncomfortable I would stick to soft food... Eggs, noodles etc.

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    Don't worry dearie, trust me, it's worth it to go through a few years of torture to get a perfect and beautiful smile :) don't bother about what others feel about you! In fact braces are so common now nobody even makes fun of others with braces! Don't Put on ceramic braces!!! They break easily, in case you fall down hardly on your chin, you could break it.

    They are uncomfortable for a few days after tightening and first putting on, but after a whirl you get used to it. And it differs for each person! Some people have really crooked teeth so they need about 3 years. As for how much it costs, it really depends on which clinic you go to. If you would like a very experienced and professional orthodontist of course it would be more expensive. Mine is around $4000.

    Yes, after a while you will be able to eat solid food of course. In fact sometimes I eat sticky sweets! ^_^ as long a you floss daily and rinse/brush after each meal you should't get bad breath :D honestly I feel that putting on braces isn't painful, it's more of the extractions that I really dread. Some people don't need extractions, so refer to your orthodontist! If your teeth aren't that crooked you could try invisalign :) it's transparent retainers that correct your teeth.

    Good luck!

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    They are a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but you will get used to them. Yes, in the beginning you will have some soft food and then slowly go back to solid. I had mine for a year, but it differs between different persons. No, when I had mine no one made fun of me, some did not even notice it! No, I don't think so. Just make sure you brush your teeth really carefully and use dental sticks between the teeth. Hope this helps! And don't be nervous, I had no problems with my braces!

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    They hurt usually for a week. As soon as you get them on i would advise eating quick if you are hungry. You wolnt be able to chew for like 3 days. Usually you dont notice them. except when you eat chips because they get stuck

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