Why did she get boring while texting all of a sudden?

I've been dating this girl for about a week now. We've been great, seeing eachother everyday and talking non-stop. But yesterday after I went to her place for valentines day, she stopped using smileys, hearts, and all of that. Her family loves me, I made a great impression on them. But why did she just get so plain? She doesn't seem to want to talk and goes to bed early also. Period? Idk.

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    9 years ago
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    maybe she used all those smiley faces and whatever to GET your attention, and now that she has it she feels it isnt needed so much?

    could have been something else on her mind... lol yeah i guess it could have even been her period. if you met her family for the first time yesterday maybe she was just nervous about that whole thing and wasn't her normal self.

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    I think because she has gotten to the point where she no longer thinks smilies are necessary anymore. Now that you guys are dating she may now feel she shouldn't have to do all these things anymore. So what you should do if you want her to start doing that again is say something like I like it when you send me little cute stuff. Sounds corny I know but guys like it when girls tell them how to please them in bed. Well this is no different tell her that you like it when she did this and that. She will either do it for you again and she may just say the reason why she stopped doing it in the first place.

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