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why my pc game suddenly becomes lag ?

well, my FIFA 12 did not lag at all when i played it for the first day. second day, i try to overclock my Nvidia by using Riviatuner but i did not successfully tweak it because i am not sure what to do so i just uninstall riviatuner after that all some of my games become lag. ( i already reinstall my nvidia driver and wipe free space BUT it did not help ) please help me... how to fix it..


my laptop = I5-2410m , Nvidia GT520M, 4 GB ram.

Sorry for my bad english .

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    9 years ago
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    Seems Rivatuner might be the culprit here.

    Even though you uninstalled it some remnants may remain.

    Try doing a system restore on your machine to before Rivatuner was installed.

  • 9 years ago

    It may be your processor's problem. I also had the same problem with other games: didn't lag for the first day but a few days later it lags.

    Try installing Game Booster :)

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