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Ron Paul fans: How many Silver Dimes will it take to revive the economy?

too many and they're devalued, just like the evil paper money you hate so much.

To few and it doesn't change anything.

A gallon of gas for a Dime! wow, that's just like paying 10 cents, right?


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    ok just keep giving the government more power......that's working out great isn't it......

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    Maybe I can help you understand what they mean buy a "Gold Standard", a stable economy has a currency that is printed at a rate that is limited to market values, remember, supply and demand laws of nature, if something is plentiful it's value goes down.

    Gold and silver value is a value marker that helps experts at the fed keep the money stable, assuring banks and investors around the world that those notes, they hold, will be worth something.

    We have been reliable since we went off the Gold standard in the seventies, we promised the world we would have a Fed that would never ease our standards and the dollar would be reliable. So for 50 years the world uses the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, giving America many luxuries.

    Now we have a government we can't afford, we have over spent and over promised our spoiled citizens free stuff.

    This is how counties collapse, they borrow till they can't get anymore from investors, then they borrow from every holder of it's notes by quantitative easing, over printing the currency to drop the value of all the notes giving the government spending cash. Other governments do not like chipping in for fat Americans to live like kings on their values. So they get rid of the dollars, so do Americans who have money, that is why Gold is almost $2000 per ounce.

    However inflation takes the value of each note and prices rise. People get the money from government, but gas is $4 bucks a gallon food has doubled and they are broke again.

    You can laugh at Ron Paul, but he is the only guy telling the truth.

    Money is only valuable when it is attached to work, and created products, when governments start printing money that is not attached to an act of real wealth, food, tools, cars, or a service, the people starve and freeze. Printing must be kept close to actual value, government must be reduced, and private capital must be left in the hands of free citizens to create wealth.

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    Not the Dimes but yuans would be required to revive the US economy

  • 9 years ago

    Keep the Silver.

    They can't devalue what is Real.

    Paper is only good for toilet use.

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    I feel sorry for you.........

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