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At what point in digestion are calories absorbed?

at what point in digestion are calories absorbed into the body? if i chew up lots of food and then spit it out without swallowing it, will any calories be absorbed just from having it in my mouth? Or does food have to be swallowed for the calories to actually be absorbed into my body?


i know how digestion actually works, i just wanna know at what point calories are absorbed. so if i chew up food but don't swallow it, does that mean i won't absorb any calories?

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  • Ted K
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    9 years ago
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    You don't absorb calories (i.e. energy) per se. Well, you do, but that energy is not yet in a form where it can be used to do useful work. Rather, it's tied up in the chemical bonds that hold together the energy-yielding nutrients--carbs, fat, protein, so think of it as "potential energy." You absorb the NUTRIENTS, and subsequent metabolic processes derive the energy from breaking their chemical bonds.

    The bottom line is, if you chew up food and spit it out, most of the energy in that food will be spit out. In that case, you'll probably "accidentally" swallow a few nutrients (like anything else, it's hard to spit with 100% efficiency), and once they've been absorbed then your body will then get their energy. For the most part, nutrients are not absorbed prior to the stomach, and almost all of them are absorbed in the small intestine. Certain things like alcohol can be absorbed in the stomach, but even then, only a little--most of it goes in in the intestine.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    lol off course you nid to swallow the food, so it goes to the esophagus which will kinda digest it then it goes to the stomach where it will be digested and turn to churn and when the stomach is finished it goes to the small intestines where the nutrients are absorbed so this is where the calories are absorbed then the rest go to the large intestines which will then be waste and goes out of your anus...

    by the way use google it can answer alot more of questions...

  • 4 years ago

    interior the small gut. little or no is absorbed interior the tummy. some water, particular ions, and such drugs as aspirin and ethanol are absorbed from the tummy into the blood (accounting for the quick alleviation of a headache after swallowing aspirin and the quick visual attraction of ethanol interior the blood after eating alcohol).

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