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What to do? i like a guy alot?

I dont know what to do, i like him alot, i added him on facebook and i saw that his bday is on friday and he will be 14 years old, i will be 14 in the summer. my friends told me, smile, do eye contact, talk to him on facebook, be as close as you can to him.


everyone tells me that he is sweet, nice, cares about others and is never mean to anyone. he isnt my first crush but ive never had a boyfriend. im also falling more and more for him al the time

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    First of all 14 is kind of young for a serious relationship. I would ask him if he wants to be a pen pal with you and then communicate and see if he is the type of person that you like. You should pray before doing anything in life to prevent bad relationships and to be happy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your friends have given you some great advise so use it! Talk more in person though if you can so he can see you flirting with him! Good luck x

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