Why did my ex do this?

After me and my boyfriend broke up a guy who liked me at the time asked me for naked full on pictures and I said no. The situation got worse and I had to report to my school (I'm 13 btw). My ex boyfriend knew this at the time cause I told him the whole situation. Then a month later (yesterday) my ex started pretending to be the guy who asked me for pictures by texting me about meeting up but I couldn't cause I was busy. I didn't know it was my ex at the time until someone told me 4 hours later.

Why would my ex do this? Does he have jealousy issues with the fact that a guy asked me for naked pictures or something? Btw my ex always makes prank calls and stuff like that:/

he doesnt have a clue that i know he did it

btw he was the one who broke up with me and he wanted to be friends but we keep having arguments.there was a rumour a few weeks going around that he said i did a video call half naked and the girls he told this to admitted it to my face so yh ...

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  • 9 years ago
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    he is trying to annoy you. thats it. he is not interested at all.

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