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I can't sleep. At all. -.-?

I'm bipolar. I know that can affect you're sleeping habbits.

But I can be up for 4 or 5 days STRAIGHT. and still function normaly. I feel brain dead. And I'm slower than usual but ya..

I'm not on any current medication. I'm going to the doctor soon.

I didn't know if anyone with or without bipolar disorder had any ideas or anything that would help me sleep.

I'm 16. and I need my rest.


I have tried, tynol. Nyquil, Sleeping aides. Really hot showers, Vicoden, Moriphine.(Doctors gave me for my ovarian cysts.)

I do smoke, ciggarettes. -Didn't know if it had anything to do with it.

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    Well i am not sure the cause of mine still but I tend to this as well. It started about 4 months ago and boy does it suck!! I never knew that bipolar could be a cause of this? Maybe I should look into bipolar disorders for myself. I would usually go about 72 hours before getting any sleep. After about 60 hours I just started crying and cried for the remaining 12 hours before I can get sleep. Sleep deprivation is very serious and can actually cause people to commit suicide just to find relief, I understand this now since after about 2 days I will do just about anything to get a little bit of sleep. I remember crying so badly that I could hardly talk and telling my husband that I just wanted to bang my head against a wall until I knocked myself out or take the entire bottle of tylenol pm's that were doing nothing to help me sleep. I am not normally a suicidal person so these thoughts alone scared my husband and me enough to get my butt into the dr asap, I was miserable without sleep though I functioned normally to an extent but mostly I was disoriented and very moody and upset. I smoke cigarettes as well and I am trying to get the treatment I need but I don't know what it is. I got my blood taken my dr said I was low on folic acid and b12 but that is all that he found. i heard of just one other person who (most people think I am insane when I start asking) has dealt with this and hers was caused by a hormone imbalance so getting your hormones checked might be an idea. She told me that I might have to push the dr's to do this because she had to. Mine has started to go away and I am starting to wonder if it wasn't stress that was doing it to me. I hope you get some sleep, it's tough not sleeping.

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    OK, you desire to sleep or keep up? Cause you assert each. Your ingesting, in an effort to positioned you to sleep, and relying how so much you've gotten had, additionally make you too impared to force in a couple of hours. Be cautious. Sleepy+ingesting=a extremely good harmful motive force, competent of killing an blameless at the avenue

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    Perhaps take something like ibuprofen and it might calm you down. I take it after ice hockey training because I'm so buzzing that I can't sleep. But the doctors will be your best bet in the long term :)

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    Read the book which you didn't like than you get as sleep

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