People grow wiser...?

People grow you agree with that? and why?

I've met some people who do the opposite..still living a carefree life like teenagers. What would you tell those people if you have a chance?


"Old" people who still living a carefree life like teenagers.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hopefully they grow wiser. We get wiser as we age because we learn from experience and try not to repeat our mistakes.

    Just because we choose to act carefree in life does not mean we are unwise. We are choosing that lifestyle knowing the risks and calculated the cost of our actions. It may appear that we are living carefree lives but you only see what we let you see. In other aspects of our lives we may be very serious in matters that are important.

    Live is too short to not have fun we just do it when we feel the risks are acceptable using our life experiences to guide us.

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    9 years ago

    Of course people grow wiser. Time bring experience, and experience allows for more healthy relationships in the future. I would tell them to enjoy it while they can because life is far from that it's like being a teenager.

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