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Someone who is good at editing help?

I'm a youtube beauty guru and I really need an intro for my videos but I'm hopeless at editing and I was wondering if anyone could please please help?!

This is my channel:

and I was hoping for something similair to this:

not with the song or anything but you get the jist

or something like this:

I promise to mention you in the downbar in every of my videos to get your more publicity if you have a youtube account and I would really appreciate it!

thankyou x

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    just use windows movie maker! i know its not very good, but if you use it right, it can look realy good! there are loads of videoes on youtube on how to use move maker to make your videos look good.

    btw i subbed u on youtube, plz sub bak! im lollipop42334 btw xx

  • 9 years ago

    your so cute :)

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