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English Help (Language)?

Hello, English is my second language, in what cases do I use the words "to" and "too"?

I use them the wrong way a lot! So I need help with that. Also what is "Punctuation"?

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    Okay with too and to, it is fairly easy!

    You use 'too' as another form of also.

    I want to do that too!(like also)

    I want to do that! (to is used as something to help, as in 'to do' something.)

    Hope this helps!

    Also, punction is for apostrophies. Like it's it owns something. Or the comma, used for a pause in a sentence. Or even question or exlamation marks

    '!' is used when shouting it or important!

    '?' is used for a question, like 'how do I do this?'

    And a period is used when it's just a normal spoken sentence.

    Good luck!

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    the word ''Too'' would be used in a sentence like, I love you too, she's hungry too and I'd like to go too. ''To'' is used when talking about a place.. like; we're going to the club. Let's go to the mall, you know? Hope that helped!

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    they were all right, what is your first language?

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    to means something , too means include something ( are you going there too ? )

    i know i dont make sense at all

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