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What does it mean to draw to scale and how do we show it on a diagram?

help please.

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    I don't know what you want for a diagram, but drawing to scale is an accurately drawn print that will measure out when it is scaled on the paper. If it is 1/8th scale, it will measure on the paper 1/8th to the inch, etc.

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    Drawing to scale is to make an image of accurate proportion, but to a different size.

    The floor plan for a house can be drawn scaled down so that 1/4 inch on the drawing is equivalent to 1 foot of actual size. The notation could be "1/4 inch to1 ft."

    Models of objects and drawings can be scaled up or else scaled down. For instance, an accurate drawing or model of an egg could be made larger or smaller. If larger, the scale could be 1 inch to 1 millimeter ; if smaller it could be 1 centimeter to 1 inch.

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    All drawings are assumed to be to scale. If not, it should be labeled "Not to Scale".

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