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Should I still be really sad over something one year ago?

A year ago I asked out my friend. She rejected me and coincidentally started dating the school jock a week later and that was for 4 months. I still feel as sad as I did that day. And yes I do know how to "let go." it just seems extremtly hard with her. We're still friends but we don't talk as much....

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    It's normal to feel sad about it because sometimes when you like someone that much and they don't like you hurts. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself look at it as her loss. She missed out on a great opportunity with a great guy and she is the one who should feel sad...not you. The fact that she went out with the jock type should tell you they type of girl she is and you should be happy that she didn't say yes to you.

    Any situation can be made better by how you think about it. If you have a dentist apponitment and you hate the dentist and really don't want to go, dwelling on it won't make the trip any better or less painful...instead of thinking about how bad it hurts and how much you hate it...think about the positive side of're getting your teeth cleaned which gives you good smelling breath and good oral health, it only lasts about an hour and then you are free for another 6 months and you are lucky enough to be able to see a dentist. Some people never get to see a dentist. My point is that you have the power to convince yourself that the dentist is a great thing - to the point where you may even look forward to going.

    Just think about all the other great girls that are out there that you haven't met yet and pretty soon you'll be running out the door to meet as many of them as possible and this girl will be a distant memory.

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    No you should not be because life teaches us a lot of lessons .Maybe this is one of those. People hurt a lot even I had suffered a lot too but sometimes we have to live without the one we love. So let go and move on. One day you will be happy and she will regret for sure that how loving person she rejected. Be involved with other friends and talk her as less as you can. Slowly you will just forget her but yeah there will be memories of her forever :'( .

    All the best dear and do tell me how much right I said ?

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    just try being good wid her as much you can not more than that. u don't have to feel bad everytime. always say to urself i am very lucky becos U r gonna get best. this was nt appropriate for u. and stop expecting from anyone.

    try enjoying with everyone equally.

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    9 years ago

    Yeah it's okay! I still get upset over something that happened almost 5 years ago. Words and actions hurt... it just comes into life experience

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