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How can I bond with my rats?

We got 2 baby girl rats yesterday, one is 5 weeks and very shy and the other is 6 weeks. They get along great, but not with me. They crawl around me, but are very nervous. In the cage they stick around the sides with each other or go into their house. What is a good way to bond with them? Should I do it individually or at the same time? I've never owned a rat :(

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    you have bought them yesterday so it will surely take some time to be in bond with them. be careful not to shout on them or near them and do not make any loud and immediate noise that may scare them be polite and let them together so they not fell alone in your absence. don't scare them and giving proper love, food and space is everything needed for stronger bond.

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    In order to bond with them, and for them to have trust to you, take the cage (with them inside) to a quiet room. Open the cage and let them come out by themselves. Make sure not to yell or make any loud noises, it will startle them. Be the only one in the room because they can't bond to two people at the same time. Just pet them and maybe give some treats to them. Do this for a couple of days, and they will sure to be bonding with you!

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    9 years ago

    it can take a while, but you've not had them long.

    the first thing I do with new rats is to put them inside my dressing gown. it's dark, warm, feels like a system of little tunnels, and it makes them feel quite safe as they're somewhere secluded. but the whole time they're in there, they're getting used to seeing your smell as representing safety.

    you can do this with both at once, and they'll probably explore the sleeves a bit. peek out of collars and sleeves, and then find a comfy spot to have a little sleep.

    at their age, their bladder control won't be great, so you may get a little bit peed on, but it doesn't smell of much, and they're only tiny wees.

    once they get used to you, they'll be more confident in their cage too, and will soon be coming to the door when they hear you coming.

    another good thing to do is to sit next to the cage while you watch TV or read books. they'll come over to investigate at some point. after all, rats are more curious than they are nervous, so the nosiness will win out. when they're looking at you, have a little chat with them.

    rats become tame really quickly. but remember, right now they really are just babies. they've got a lot to get used to in a short time.

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    Okay, dont worry too much. The rats need time to get used to the new environment and their new owner. So my suggestions are:

    Put some yogurt on your finger and let them lick it off, gently pat them at the same time.

    You need to play with the rats outside the cage for AT LEAST an hour everyday. They enjoy dark places, riding on your shoulder and climbing through your shirt.

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    Something simple that worked very well for me was putting some soft food like mushed up banana into a spoon and placing the spoon in the palm of your hand. They should eventually eat from it. Move it to your wrist. It will take a while, but they should eventually crawl onto your hand to eat.

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    it will take time to bond but by handleing them and talking to them will help a great deal

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    9 years ago

    First of all, you are so lucky! I really want a rat ;) i would start by feeding them from your hands then start stroking them and then handling them :o) x

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    Super Glue will do the job if you REALLY want to bond with them! :) j/k

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