Attending office after...?

Attending office after liposuction?

I am planning to undergo a liposuction surgery: tummy, waist and chest.

Doctor says, he needs 6 body incisions in total.

How soon do you think i can re-join office? Is 5 days of leave fine? Also, can people make out that i have undergone a surgery if i join after 5 days?

Need serious advice please.

[Posted this in beauty and stle one replied. So i am re-posting to other section hoping to get some response AT LEAST]

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    9 years ago
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    I had laser lipo in the stomach region about 2 years ago and went to work 3 days after. You WILL be sore but you can move around, may feel bad when you bend of lift anything (which you should avoid). If you don't want anyone to know you can always say you don't feel well. You don't' have to tell them exactly what is wrong). Also after lipo you will need to wear compression garments at all times with the exception of showering. Buy these in advance. They will give you one after surgery but considering you have to wear it at all times you will need more than one. You'll find that it feels better to have the compression support. The key is to NOT stay in bed following the surgery. You have to move around or your body will become stiff.

    Good luck!!

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