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Atheists and Christians i need your help?

Can you reassure me that reincarnation can't possibly exist?

I don't mind going to hell or stop existing or any other kind of afterlife as long there is no reincarnation.

I might die soon so i want to know.

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    There are a few reasons why I don't believe in reincarnation. One reason is that one of the central teachings of reincarnation is that creatures are only reborn as a human if they behaved very well. If that is the case, why has mankind gotten worse instead of better? The atrocities of mankind seem to be at unprecedented levels all over the world.

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  • Craig
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    9 years ago

    Sorry, I can't reassure you. For one thing, no one can prove something does not exist.

    Secondly, there is too much evidence for reincarnation, such as that collected by a university department's 50 years of studying it.

    I spent the first part of my life wishing I could stop existing. That's pointless. The only answer is to find your way out of feeling that way. Yes, it's hard work. Wishing you didn't have to do the work won't make reincarnation go away.

  • Loki
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    9 years ago

    That's the problem: you can't prove a negative.

    Since consciousness dies with the brain, however, I think reincarnation is *extremely* unlikely to occur.

    Unless, of course, you count the fact that the atoms which make up our bodies will later be incorporated into other creatures' bodies. Of course, this happens even while we are alive.

    Edit: Hold on, Sirius has a point. Why do you think you might die soon?

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    nothing in beliefs are reassurable. some people believe it exists, others don't. they may have their excuse, but it's just a belief, and has no proofs. Life and death has always been a mistery to humanity.

    I personally believe it doesnt. i dont even believe in the concept of the soul being separated to the body. i believe when you die, thats it. everything finishes. not even the lights are turned off, tat would mean you are still thinking when you are dead. i mean its all over. its hard to imagine. I believe reincarnation was an invention of men to face their fear to death. Death is easier to face if you think you'll born again, because people are usually afraid of the unkown. and Death is the unknown, so people fears it. Making themselves the illusion of more of the known world after death would make them feel better. but you must forge your own belief, despite what people tell you or what you hear

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  • Anonymous
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    "I don't mind going to hell or stop existing or any other kind of afterlife as long there is no reincarnation. "

    To go to hell would be reincarnation. It would mean some god is recreating your body, so it can 'survive being alive' in hell, and gluing your 'soul' to the brain in this body, and designing the body so it can't 'burn and die'. The body in hell has to be fireproof so it can't burn - yet have pain receptors that also don't burn BUT DO feel pain, like a human would.

    This requires a 'loving god' to create such a reincarnation.

    But obviously you mean 'reincarnation in this universe' - well if it DOES happen, there's probably not much you can do about it, and the moment after you die here, you'll be reborn as some pond life on some moon in a distant solar system.

    And then after those few weeks as pond life, you'll be reborn in somewhere else, as an intelligent bird on another planet, asking questions on Bird Yahoo Answers, or whatever they call it there.

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    reincarnation is NOT possible its definite.Providing your soul does not dissipate then ritual magic will guarantee it. If you wish to only incarnate once as your individual soul, which looking at you I can quite understand, the best thing to do is give you soul to everything and spread yourself as thin as possible, that way your future incarnations shall be of a separate elements and so no longer 'yours'.

    As neither Christian or Atheist I really shouldn't have answered but you did put a question mark at the end of the statement so I decided that the statement itself was in question and have answered it thus.


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  • Fuzzy
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    What authority on this issue do you accept as true and definitive?!

    The Biblical teaching is that in death there is only oblivion, the not being. However, there is the promise that the righteous & unrighteous shall receive resurrections in paradise once the kingdom is established as the de facto world government here on earth.

    That means that the resurrected one receives a new body according to what is proper for that person do that others and oneself may re-identify who has been resurrected.

  • 9 years ago

    Reincarnation is a total hoax.

    I am a little concerned that you treat hell so lightly. It is totally and painfully real and lasts forever. But it doesn't have to be an option. I know that you don't believe/didn't want to hear that, but I said it anyway. Truth shouldn't be buttered up.

    Source(s): John 3:16
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    Even if it happens,what's the point of reincarnation if you don't remember your past life?

  • 9 years ago

    there is no reincarnation. When you die you go before God and are judged for your works.

    Hell is a literal place and there is fire and sulfur. It is eternity with out God.. there is no peace in hell. There is also a literal Heaven where God is and there is love, peace and joy for eternity.

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