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Bleach character question?

On Bleach the character Nel, what happens to her after the espada arc? Will she be in the manga/anime again?

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    Some of the Arrancar will definitely be returning. Kubo did not exactly confirm who will appear though. He talks about them in the 'Extra Information' section under Week 2 here.

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    No one said anything about it. But I sure hope she comes back. For your information, Grimmjow and Nel are probably the only ones not confirmed dead. I think Nnoitra maybe too.

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    Well, I am not sure, but I do know that I am up to the most recently released episode of Bleach, and haven't seen, OR heard her being mentioned / referenced to in any way. Though, you never know in Bleach who may pop up, lmfao.

    Sorry i can't be of any more help.

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    It is never directly shown what happens to her after the fight with Nnoritora, however, most people assume she went back to playing "Eternal tag" with her fraccion buddies...

    However, Kubo said that he may bring back Nelliel along with Grimmjow.

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