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How do I get my W-2 from my old employer?

I worked for a small thai restaurant from June 2007 til March 2011 . They were a friend of the family. My family owns a small bakery shop right next to it. But anyways, at first I was just working on weekends to help them out since it was just their 2 daughters waitressing and I was getting paid under the table. But then they decided to open another business so they had to give us paycheck stubs. I thought it was fine. I quit in March because of some altercations with one of their family member who worked there for a few days and just how things were going. They never gave me my paychecks on time, and the business was getting slow. I wanted a better paying job. Ever since I quit, i have not spoken to the owner because they were angry. I didnt know I was supose to even recieve a W-2 from them because I forgot when I had quit. I called the owners daughter the last week of January and asked her if she had my W-2 and she said she did not and that her dads accountant is the one who handles it. Apparently, she had asked her accountant but nothing. I texted her last week and she said she doesnt have them yet. One of my bestfriends recently worked there until she quit has not recieved hers either. None of their employees have,. Its now Feb 15th and I have not recieved my w-2 from them yet. Its really frustrating to know that everyone has already done theirs and have gotten their refunds...I NEED to file my taxes asap but im not exactlly sure what to do. I called the IRS and got to their automative service and they said that I need my last paycheck stub and dates of employment. I dont know or have any of it....? HELP!!!

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    As of today you can do a substitute W2 and file with your last paystub.

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    I worked as a tax preparer before and someone came in with a similar problem. The business can actually be fined for refusing to provide w-2 by the final day of January. Do you have a small local tax preparer you can go to and ask for assistance? My boss was able to call IRS and file a complaint on the business and the person received the w-2 shortly after. I wouldn't go to a large place like H&R block because they charge too much.

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    you need to talk to the owner, not his daughters, and request your W-2 if you were paid wages and deductions were withheld

    if you worked for cash very likely no taxes were withheld and it would be up to you to report the income you got on Sch C and SE with your 1040

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    You ask them.

    Then in one week, you contact the IRS.

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