Going to get my G.E.D questions about it?

Okay, so because of complications im going for my G.E.D, here are my questions:

After I get my G.E.D can I:

Go straight to a community collage even if im am 16-17 years old.

From there can I go straight to a vet tech(to be a vet assistant) or therapy(to be a shrink) school or do i have to go to community collage first? (or should I for better experiences and jobs future)

My plan is to get my G.E.D take the summer off (next summer) and then go straight to collage.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Getting a GED is a first step to admission into a community college in most places. In order to be sure, you need to talk with the admissions office at the college itself, but it is generally the case that community colleges accept GED as well as a high school diploma. You may need to take admissions tests as well, and you might need to take some classes to brush up language skills, math, and reading, depending on the test results. If you want to be a psychologist (a "shrink" as you call it), you will need at least a master's degree. To enter the field of veterinary medicine, you need a lot of work in zoology, biology, chemistry, and the like. I suggest that you visit the community college you are thinking about, make an appointment with the counseling department, and get some advice about possible choices which would be best for you.

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