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If a teacher found out that one of their students Self-harm, what would they do?

OR if a student told their teacher they Self-harm.

I really want to recover, and I've recognised that getting help is the first step forward.

I don't feel comfortable telling my parents because I don't usually tell them anything. The only people I feel comfortable with are my Teachers. Especially because my friends don't understand and get really mad with me for doing this to myself.

What would happen?

I'm 16 and in Sixth Form in the UK if that changes the answer at all...


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    At some point your teacher will have to report it to their head teacher who will make a decision on what to do next. You will need to identify the real problem causing you to self abuse. All self abuse usually masks some other deep rooted issue. Talk to your gp they will put you in touch with an expert familiar with your condition.

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    Oh my teacher found out I was cutting because some stupid snitch told her. I was afraid of what she would do since I was already going to counceling for other reasons and my mother would kill me if she found out. So I just denied it, she saw the cuts thou and I said I got them because I play alot with my cat, she seemed to hesistate but believed me because she knew me before I started doing this. I use armwarmers or laces on my left arm which is where I cut so its never noticable, I also use long sleeves. Hmm maybe liquid make-up will help hide it.

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    I used to do that, and was turned in at school somehow.

    I was called to the nurses office and they only lectured me, they didn't help.

    Therapy or finding your own will power could stop you. What would you do if you got an infection in your cut and your extremity fell off? Did you ever think of that? Thinking of the horrible consequences is a sure way to get you to stop!!!

    Source(s): I worry about EVERYTHING!!!
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    Need to care of.

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