Night sweats what could it be?

I just posted a question abt night sweats I usually get before my period this time I had them when it finished been tested for hormones was ok I am 35 have windows open at night sleep in a nightie with no sleeves so not to hot in room feel quite cold during day no fever just wake up feeling wet just on upper half doctors don't give me any answers

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Regardless of what the doctors say, or dont day, it IS hormonal. Im 43 and have had night sweats for almost 9 years. Other than the fact that it is annoying, it is not dangerous at all. I find that if I sleep with nothing on top, I sweat more than if I sleep with a shirt on [?] so you can try sleeping in different garments and see if that helps at all. If you are not taking any medications for depression or birth control pills, there are several OTC supplements for women that I have heard some say are very effective for night sweats. I think it is the 'soy' prodycts that people say work the best. Hope some of this helped. Be well!

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