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Kuwait in a wink expelled 300000 Palestinians. Where is your outcry, Muslims?

Following the Persian Gulf war in 1991, Kuwait simply clapped its hands and expelled up to 300,000 Palestinians. Why? Because Yasser Arafat had sided with Saddam Hussein in the war. The Palestinians had been integrated into Kuwaiti society, working at all kinds of jobs, from engineering to computer to menial work. Many had been born there. But the Kuwaiti royal family had no qualms about uprooting them. Ambassador Saud Nasir Sabah said, "They didn't represent a necessity to us." There was hardly a peep from the world community. Certainly there was no condemnation by the United Nations. And Muslims all over the world were absolutely silent.

What happened to you, Muslims? You all suffered the sudden attack of a sore throat that did not let you talk?

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    Since Kuwait is covered by a general double-standard bias, there is no outcry.

    Really, from the outsider's prospective, the Palestinians are kinda the buttmonkey for the Arab world, but useful against the Jews (since I do think a lot think on THAT line).

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    The Kuwaitis expelled the Palestinians from Kuwait. The Israelis expelled the Palestinians from Palestine. There is a difference.

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    Palsetinians began to grow in number reaching a level almost equal to that of the Kuwaitis, the government started thinking about getting rid of them. The chance came after the Gulf War, as the government accused them of collaboration with the Iraqi authorities. In particular, the official Palsetinian position was cited as an evidence that Palsetinians were not loyal to Kuwait. In spite of these allegations and accusations, the real reason is still the unwillingness of the Kuwaiti government to absorb immigrants and make citizens out of them. Until this happens, Kuwaitis will continue to be suspicious towards immigrants who continue to be mistreated and discriminated against in the country.

    BTW,,,,, Libya too expelled 30,000 of its Palsetinians.

    Benny Morris, "the historian" who documented many other instances where Palsetinians were expelled, found that Arab leaders actually encouraged the Palsetinans to leave.

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    Kuwait was never under threat. Israel is. No contest really between the two situations. AND the war has been going on longer AND no-one threatened to wipe Kuwait off the map and Muslimise it.

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    Perhaps the arab countries who CARE so much for the Palestinians should ask them.

    Would you prefer to sit in refugee camps, but maybe still have a chance to return to israel in say another 50 years.... OR would you like to come into our countries in the meantime, get citizenship, be able to work, buy a house, go to school etc.

    No guessing as to what their answer would be.

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    Its not so bad, if we could get more countries to just mind their own business more often the world would be a better place. But somehow, I don't think that is going to happen.

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    So what exactly are you suggesting? Palestinians to start asking for the right of return to Kuwait instead of their original homeland Palestine? Or maybe you are trying to say that since Kuwait expelled Palestinians, then it was okay for Israel to expel them before that?

    If you want to say that Arab governments are corrupt and don't care about Palestinians then i can't agree more and actually I don't think anyone here will disagree with you. That is why most of us pro-peace people support the Arab spring and democracy in the Middle East, and strongly oppose dictatorship regimes and colonial states (i.e. Israel).


    Benny Morris mentioned that only 5% of Palestinian refugees left because of Arab orders to evacuate some areas. The rest were expelled by Zionist death groups and Israeli solders. Some also fled in fear. Here, take it from your own fathers, the first terrorist:

    But I don't think there is anything that will stop you from spreading the same propaganda over and over again. No matter how many times we prove it wrong.

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    So you're upset about a dictatorship that still practiced crucifixion as a form of punishment, but not the government who originally forbid them to return to their homes? Are you more upset with the Americans who turmed away Jewish refugees than the Nazi government that caused them in the first place?

    @shay, Benny Morris was very clear that Israel was responsible for the VAST majority of the refugees. Operation Hiram the refugees were ordered expelled; same with Lydda and Ramlah. At Safsaf, 50-70 people were bound and then murdered AFTER the village surrendered.

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    Foreigner, Asabah stole from Saddam.

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    Our pro Israeli friends never cease to amaze me. In one breath they state that there are no such people called Palestinians and in the next breath suddenly invent 300,000 like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat .

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