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I was pushed into cheating does she have a right to dump me?

In all honesty she has done so much to me its not even funny. Shes gone on public rants to her friends and on sites about how shes too good for me. She's told her friends shes with an ****** so nothing to give her congrats about. She let a male friend of hers talk about me for days to my face while she stayed cool with him and pretended it wasn't going on she always rave about what guys are hot but if I do the same out of anger I'm hurting her and leaving deep emotional scars that she cant recover from. So on valentines day a friend of hers goes on a rant about asian guys being small and my gf comes and tells me her friend thinks I'm small in the pants and wants proof I'm not this little crap went on for 30 mins then she tells me to not let it get to me cause I'm not small and to just pretend her friend didn't say it like shes doing. In all honesty what kind of gf doesn't have her bfs back ever. I know I have done wrong and said some messed up stuff to her but she makes me feel so worthless and that all I do is hurt her and that I have no rights to ever feel hurt about anything caz in the end it all started caz I hurt her first and shes just acting out. Well you know what I made out with an ex on valentines day and told her about it and she dumped me then got mad at me for falling asleep in the middle of the post break up fight knowing I haven't slept in 24hrs. Honestly what should I do?

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    what you should do is, not be with her anymore, if you have broken up now then leave it at that and move on, if she cant love you just the way you are then she should move on too, a relationship is supposed to make you happy isnt it? but if you spend your time saying hurtful things about eachother, and feeling hurt and worthless, doesnt that tell you that this relationship is not working? if she raves on about guys that are hot, let her go and find one, and you find a girl who loves you for who you are, dont waste your time trying to patch up a relationship that doesnt work, if neither of you are happy with what you have got, its time to bail out anyway, moving on is not easy, but its the only way to find "real love" if you keep trying to go back, you will end up hating eachother, and wondering "what might have been" with someone else, because what you have now isnt "real love" otherwise you both wouldnt feel the way you do, if you truly love someone you love them in spite of their faults.

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    If you think it's you who have hurt her first, then i think she has the right to let you feel how much it had hurt her. But the way you two get back to each other with cheating or doing some bad stuffs about each other then I think it should be the right time to fix everything and start all over again. And if it doesn't work, i think you should end it already.

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    This relationship really isn't working out. Accept that she's a *****, accept that you were wrong to cheat (cheating is NEVER ok) and end the relationship.

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    She shouldn't dump you but chances are she will because we women tend to be so insecure. Anyways man relax there are plenty of women out there, you can find someone who will appreciate you for who you are!

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  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Your fault for cheating

    Why would you want to be with a bytch like that anyway

  • Ann
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    9 years ago

    If he dumped you on valentines day-he isn't worth it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Both disrespected other so just move on for better of both people

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