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Who is fault? 3 cars accident(my car is middle)?

First car(a) stopped. My car(b) stopped too. And I drink som water. Then, a van(c) crashed back of my car(b). So, my car(b) crash back of first car(a). Who is fault? 

Van's driver said "my company will fix up, some one calling to you" we have details each other : license , phone number etc.. 

Please let me know. And I'm little back pain also, my partner too. What can I do for this situation? How to? Thanks.

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  • Ozzie
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    9 years ago
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    The van that hit you is at fault as he was not watching what was happening in front of him. You and the car in front of you were stopped so no fault to you. As for the pain go see a doctor explain that it is the result of a car accident. I was run over by a car on my front lawn and all my doctor's bills were paid for by his insurance company.

  • roger
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    9 years ago

    If you have back injuries go see the doctor, even if it is a few days later (it happens) sometimes the crash takes a few days to catch up to our bodies. I suggest a local doctor or clinic and the van driver is at fault here due to the fact that he hit you into the other car.

  • arieux
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    4 years ago

    When any person hits you within the rear they're mechanically at fault and responsible. I have made a declare in those occasions in which I held the opposite individual dependable and refused to provide them my coverage main points considering the fact that I refused to enable them the abilty to assert on my coverage and have an impact on my no claims bonus. When I said the coincidence to my coverage enterprise (responsibility) I positioned 'for informtion functions most effective' on my kind. I consider the legislation 'would possibly' have converted in which you can not withold your coverage main points and I have no idea in case you have already exchanged yours with the motorcyclist. If they don't have your coverage main points, you would attempt to make a declare and withold your main points at the grounds you maintain the opposite individual wholly dependable. And if it does not paintings then simply drop the claima dn do not reply anymore. There is a danger nevertheless, considering the fact that if you're said to the police they've a database and will inform if a automobile has coverage on it. So I'd method up how so much the maintenance are going to price in opposition to the danger of being stuck. No coverage is 6 aspects to your license.

  • lucy
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    9 years ago

    The van most likely will owe for your damages and the car in front of you. They will also owe for your injuries and your passenger and possibly for the car in front of you if they were also injured.

    1st, call YOUR insurance company, since you may need medical treatment for yourself and your passenger. Your insurance may have medical payment coverage and/or PIP, and if so, will pay for your medical bills and/or treatment.

    The other company will NOT pay for medical bills and/or treatment, till you are done treating with a lump sum, so in the meantime if you seek treatment, your doctor will need to be paid, so once again, call your insurance company.

    good luck

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Only the involved insurance companies can determine liability for this accident. Asking others is a total waste of time. Sit back, relax and wait for their decision.

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